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Glad You Asked – Summer 2022!

It’s one of our favorite features – and we hope one of yours – Glad You Asked! If you’re a new listener, Glad You Asked is our Q&A feature where we take questions from the listeners and do our best to give you biblical answers that point you to Christ, the Word, and your local […]

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Glad You Asked – January 2022

It’s another interesting episode of “Glad You Asked,” a chance for you to ask us questions about where we stand on theological issues. Amy and Michelle believe the Bible – what God’s true, breathed-out Word says – trumps any opinions we may have!

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Glad You Asked: The COVID Edition

It’s our 100th episode here at A Word Fitly Spoken! We thought we’d touch on the big topic that’s on everybody’s minds these days because it touches so many aspects of our lives: COVID. You’ve got questions, and in this special edition of Glad You Asked, Michelle and Amy dig into Scripture to discuss vaccines, […]

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Glad You Asked!

What does God’s Word say about the issues facing Christians today? Glad You Asked! In this episode our listeners want to know: Are altar calls biblical? How do you handle false converts? What about “hearing” God’s voice? What are your thoughts on the Southern Baptist Convention and Critical Race Theory? Is tithing in the church […]

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Glad You Asked – Christmas 2020 Part 2

In this second of two parts, Michelle and Amy go to Scripture to answer your questions in depth, including: Has Santa been involved in Christian tradition originally, or was he something recent or pagan? How risky is taking our families to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services amid a pandemic? Is it safe to sing […]

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Glad You Asked- Christmas 2020 Part 1

In this first of two parts, Michelle and Amy go to Scripture to answer your questions in depth, including: Doesn’t Christmas have pagan roots? Should Christians really be celebrating it? Why is yoga and the enneagram wrong but the pagan roots of Christmas okay? Does Jeremiah 10:3-4 forbid us from having Christmas trees?

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Glad you asked!

What’s a “soft” Complementarian? Is it wrong to have youth pastors or worship pastors since neither of them are specifically mentioned in the Bible? Should I serve in ministry with someone who teaches Spiritual Formation? We’re digging into our mailbag, and into Scripture to see what God’s Word has to say about these great questions.

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What Would You Do?

Remember the ABC reality TV show from a few years ago called “What would you do?”Or the board game called “Scruples?” Christians can often find themselves in all sorts of sticky situations. We might try to use the world’s wisdom to figure out what we’d do in different scenarios, but a better way is to […]

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Christmas Mythbusters!

Was Jesus born in a barn? Did Mary really ride a donkey? And doesn’t Jeremiah 10:3-4 forbid us from having Christmas trees? In true Mythbusters fashion, Michelle and Amy let Scripture give us the final authority on Christmas beliefs – truth or legends!

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Pride, Pronouns & Prodigals

It hurts to lose dear ones, especially for eternity. A lot of Christians are losing relationships over sexual sin issues so prevalent in our world today. We’ve all got some tough decisions to make: Whether to attend that family wedding or tell a son or daughter you must stand by what is true about his […]

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