We’re still glad you asked – Part 2

Part two of your questions for Amy and Michelle, who dig into Scripture to see what God’s Word says about life, home, family and relationships – not only with other Christians but with a world that desperately needs a Savior.

In this episode, we’re glad you asked:

  • What is your advice to a wife/mom who is spiritually more mature than her husband?
  • Do you happen to have a teaching on the book of Job?
  • Could you touch on the book “redeeming love” being made into a movie?
  • How as a disabled stay at home mom can I be more of a servant of God?
  • I am divorced because of abuse, am I still able to go to heaven?
  • What does forgiveness really mean biblically?
  • At my weekly Bible study we watch a video sermon with no follow up questions, comments or discussion. Thoughts?
  • What are your thoughts regarding the teachings of Douglas Wilson?


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We're still glad you asked - Part 2
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