Pride, Pronouns & Prodigals

It hurts to lose dear ones, especially for eternity. A lot of Christians are losing relationships over sexual sin issues so prevalent in our world today. We’ve all got some tough decisions to make: Whether to attend that family wedding or tell a son or daughter you must stand by what is true about his or her God-given gender.  But remember that Christ calls us to separate ourselves from the world and be loyal to Him even if it costs us everything- including those we love the most.

Michelle and Amy discuss one of the most difficult topics we face today.


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A Word Fitly Spoken
Pride, Pronouns & Prodigals

2 Responses to Pride, Pronouns & Prodigals

  1. Misty Jones August 23, 2021 at 9:45 am #

    I just recently found your podcast. I am so appreciative of it. I have also recently begin studying Apologetics. I am learning. I have a family member who claims to be homosexual. I had a hard time with this. Simply because I love this family like a sister. We grew up like sisters. I did express my stance with her on this lifestyle. Of course we are no longer in contact. With breaks my heart. But I’ve heard many times, “ hate the sin, love the sinner.” What does that look like in a real life setting?

    • A Word Fitly Spoken August 23, 2021 at 2:06 pm #

      It might look something like, “I love you dearly and that is unconditional. I am concerned about you living a homosexual lifestyle because God has said that this is a sin with eternal ramifications. But there is Hope, and I want that for you! Hope is found in Jesus Christ…(Insert the Good News Here)
      Jesus died for ALL sins, including homosexuality, and He wants to set you free. Do you believe that?” or, “I hope you will come to believe that. I know you need time to think about this, and I want to give you some Scriptures to look at too, when you have time….”

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