Glad You Asked! – April 2023

What do I do when I feel far from God? Should Christians practice yoga? What is the Raindrop Technique of administering essential oils, and is it biblical? We’re answering these questions and more on this episode of Glad You Asked!


Good News

Discovering Head Covering

How do the elements of the Passover Seder point to Christ?– Got Questions

What constitutes marriage according to the Bible?– Got Questions

The Christian and Essential Oils?– Naomi’s Table

A Scriptural Basis for Raindrop Technique– Raindrop Messenger (WARNING: This is not a doctrinally sound resource. We include it only so you can familiarize yourself with the way Raindrop practitioners twist Scripture to make this practice seem biblical.)

Healing Oils of the Bible– Christian Answers for the New Age.

My Response to Holy Yoga– Amy Spreeman

White Paper: Yoga– Berean Research


Thank you, bless you and Walk Worthy!

A Word Fitly Spoken
Glad You Asked! - April 2023
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