What Would You Do? Wisdom on the fly

Welcome to another “What Would You Do?” episode!Amy and Michelle each came up with three scenarios requiring wisdom on the fly to ask each other about. But here’s the catch – we’ve kept those scenarios a secret from each other, so we’ve both got to give our answers off the cuff. Play along!


“Practicing the Presence of God” a growing contemplative trend – Amy Spreeman

John Wimber/Vineyard Research – Deception in the Church

Everything you (and your pastor) must know about the NAR – Amy Spreeman

Contemplative Prayer – Berean Research

Jesus Revolution Movie Trailer – YouTube

Greg Laurie, Calvary Chapel, and New Catholic National Shrine for Marian Apparitions

Azusa Now, Catholics and…Greg Laurie?

What you need to know about “A Billion-Soul Harvest

Searching for a new church?– Michelle Lesley- Discipleship for Christian Women

Thank you, bless you and Walk Worthy!



A Word Fitly Spoken
What Would You Do? Wisdom on the fly
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