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How Does the Holy Spirit Lead Us?

Sometimes when we say the Bible is sufficient to guide our lives, the question arises, “What about the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit? How does that fit in with the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture?” There are so many theories and teachings about this third person of the Trinity that it’s no […]

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Isn’t the Gospel enough?

Christians believe the Word of God is inerrant; that it’s true, and that it is without error. But do you believe it is sufficient? Or are you looking for something more? More exciting, perhaps? Did you know that the Bible is all we need to equip us for a life of faith and service? The […]

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gya discernment part 1 a word fitly spoken podcast

Glad You Asked: Discernment – Part 1

It’s time for another great episode of hearing from our listeners and answering your insightful questions in this two part Glad You Asked addressing questions of discernment. In Part 1, we kick things off by looking at some of the Scriptures that deal with discernment, then it’s on to your questions! What is the gift […]

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talk back

Talk Back: The Yeast of the Progressives

What happens when speakers add their own opinions and worldly cultural influences to the Word of God? The examples we are sharing tonight are not from Word of Faith or New Apostolic Reformation services, but from the other end of the spectrum – the Progressive Christianity movement. Join us as we “talk back” to the […]

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god doesn't whisper jim osman a word fitly spoken podcast

God Doesn’t Whisper! With Jim Osman

Today, we’re talking about the very important topic of extra-biblical revelation – the idea of God talking to us outside the pages of Scripture. And we’ve got a friend with us who literally wrote the book on it, Pastor Jim Osman. Jim’s excellent book on extra-biblical revelation is called God Doesn’t Whisper, and he’s going […]

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christian liberty freedom adiaphora

Christian Liberty

What is Christian liberty? On many issues, the Bible is crystal clear with no room for debate. Those are “thus saith the Lord” kinds of things. On other issues, the Bible gives us room for differing interpretations. And sometimes the Bible is virtually silent on decisions we face in our lives, and we have to […]

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Glad You Asked!

What does God’s Word say about the issues facing Christians today? Glad You Asked! In this episode our listeners want to know: Are altar calls biblical? How do you handle false converts? What about “hearing” God’s voice? What are your thoughts on the Southern Baptist Convention and Critical Race Theory? Is tithing in the church […]

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