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The Poison of the Enneagram with Marcia Montenegro

Did you know that the nine “types” in the enneagram actually came from an occultist and his “spirit guide?” The popularity of the enneagram teachings in mainline and mega churches has exploded in the past year as more celebrity preachers are giving this unbiblical trend a green light. Amy and Michelle sat down with our […]

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Top 7 Reasons the Enneagram is Unbiblical

It’s all over social media; everybody’s talking about it, and some churches are even teaching classes on using it. The Enneagram is the latest “shiny new thing” to hit evangelicalism, but is it just a harmless personality test, or is there a more sinister side to this popular fad? Today, we’ll be taking a look […]

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Discernment vs Twisted Scripture

We see these pseudo-Christian events and movements all the time: Asbury, Bethel, the Enneagram, IF:Gathering, ReVoice… and on and on it goes. And many of the same Scriptures are trotted out and twisted mercilessly to defend them. These Scriptures and principles could be applied to a number of things past and present, and they will […]

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The Pew!

What’s going on in Christendom these days? Find out in this episode of “The Pew!” We call it The Pew not only because it will bear a slight resemblance to The View, but because it’s sort of like our view from the church pew on these thought-provoking headline stories.

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Glad You Asked- Christmas 2020 Part 1

In this first of two parts, Michelle and Amy go to Scripture to answer your questions in depth, including: Doesn’t Christmas have pagan roots? Should Christians really be celebrating it? Why is yoga and the enneagram wrong but the pagan roots of Christmas okay? Does Jeremiah 10:3-4 forbid us from having Christmas trees?

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Glad you asked!

What’s a “soft” Complementarian? Is it wrong to have youth pastors or worship pastors since neither of them are specifically mentioned in the Bible? Should I serve in ministry with someone who teaches Spiritual Formation? We’re digging into our mailbag, and into Scripture to see what God’s Word has to say about these great questions.

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